Welcome to St. Patrick Catholic Church

Our Mission Statement

The Catholic Faith Community of Saint Patrick accepts the Gospel message of Jesus and seeks to fulfill the message in both words and actions
by being joy-filled people who welcome and share our faith with all who encounter us.

A Message from Our Pastor


Dear People of St. Patrick Parish & Visitors:

 Fear - an unpleasant, most often, a strong emotion caused by anticipation or an awareness of danger. When God created Adam and Eve, there was only total perfection. No need to be afraid and nothing to fear, just total peace. God asked them not to do one thing. They chose to disobey God and sinned. As a result, sin and evil entered the world and into all our lives. Fear can be a bad emotion or it can be a good, protective emotion to help us get through life. 

Fear can lead to panic, stress, sickness, despair, and a sense of helplessness. When Peter saw Jesus walking on the water, he wanted to go to him. He was not afraid and did not judge the potential danger of drowning in the sea. He knew where he wanted to be. “Lord, let me come to you.” Jesus said, “Come!!!” Peter took the first leap and then he let fear take over and it did. He yelled out, “Lord, save me!!!” Peter knew he could not save himself, he needed the Lord and reached out for help. 

   How many times have we acted like Peter? How many times did the Lord take our hand and led us to a safer place? Today, Jesus and God the Father, may ask, Why did you doubt? Do you not know I love you, take courage, it is I, do not be afraid.  Perhaps, today, we need to say, “Lord save me from my sins, my doubts, my moments of disbelief so that I can trust in you.” 

   Do we use the 7 Sacraments that were started at the moment of our Baptism? Do we let the Body and Blood of Jesus in the Holy Communion help us in our fears and doubts and moments of weakness?  Lord, help us to fear sin and the fires of hell - Lord, save us. 

God Bless, 

Fr. Larry Young

Pastor of St. Patrick Church