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Distribution of Holy Communion

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*** Just a gentle reminder, because of the heightened concern for the well-being of all our people in light of the Coronavirus, especially the elderly, Bishop Michael Barber is dispensing from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass for all Catholics in the Diocese of Oakland until further notice.

The Livestream Mass will be celebrated at the 9:30AM Mass followed by a Drive thru Distribution of Holy Communion. (go to the Livesteam tab to access the Livestream Mass or click here)

Due to the limited amount of vehicles allowed on the property, tickets are available online (click here). If you have any questions, please email bfung@stpatrickrodeo.org or call at 510-859-3864.
You DO NOT have to print any email confirmation. Just arrive at your specific time slot.

  1. All occupants of a vehicle must be wearing a mask and answer NO to all the questions below. If you answered YES, please stay home.
    • In the Last 14 days have you:
      • Been in close contact or cared for someone with a confirmed case of COVID-19?
      • Traveled to an area under CDC advisory?
    • Have a fever of 100.4 or higher or a sense of having a fever?
    • Have a cough that you cannot attribute to another health condition?
    • Have muscle aches that cannot be attributed to another condition or physical exercise?
    • Have you been directed to be under quarantine by any public health agency or Primary Care Provider?

2. There will be signs directing the vehicles to enter the Parish Office parking lot on Vaqueros (the exit of the Parish Parking Lot). Volunteers will be located at the gate on Vaqueros to assist with traffic flow into the parking lot. Everyone must remain in their vehicles at ALL TIMES (except when receiving the Precious Body). Please follow the direction of traffic volunteers.

3. A volunteer located near the Parish Office will collect offerings/tithes.

4. When you arrive at the school parking lot, a volunteer will ask you to put your car in PARK and direct EVERYONE out of their vehicle and stand at a designated area. (Please make sure EVERYONE is wearing a MASK.)

5. Then the volunteer will sanitize each communicant’s hands. A priest will distribute the Precious Body and give them a blessing. After the blessing, everyone will safely return to their vehicle.

6. Vehicles must exit towards Seventh Street.

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