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Our Mission Statement

The Catholic Faith Community of Saint Patrick accepts the Gospel message of Jesus and seeks to fulfill the message in both words and actions
by being joy-filled people who welcome and share our faith with all who encounter us.

A Message from Our Pastor


Dear People of St. Patrick Parish, 

In the First Reading today, the young boy, Samuel, heard a voice calling him. Eli told Samuel, if you are called again, say, “Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening” and he did, and then he listened to the message God gave to him. 

The Catholic Catechism defines prayer as a “vital and personal relationship with the living and true God.” “Prayer is the raising of one’s mind and heart to God.” 

Mary and Joseph taught Jesus to pray. As a young child he learned the prayers taught to him and at the age of 12 years, we find him praying in the temple and saying to Mary and Joseph, “I must be in my Father’s house.” The last words of Jesus from the cross is a prayer addressed to his Heavenly Father. 

There are many written prayers that we can pray, we recite them, we are comfortable to say them but, are they really from the heart as you say those prayers? 

When we express our love to someone do we pull out a sheet of paper and read the words, not even looking at the person we love or do we say what is in our hearts as we look at the person and say the words? 

Prayer is not meant to be difficult nor is it to be empty words said. When we pray, we trust that God is listening to us and that He will answer our prayer. What have we got to lose by asking him? 

At Mass, we sing songs to God, we say prayers, we listen to God’s word from the bible and the homily. Are we really conscience that we are listening and talking to our loving God? 

Yes, we can pray any where and at anytime, but for us Catholics, praying at Mass in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ in Holy Communion should be a special moment. 

As we pray at Mass, let us sing louder and say the prayers with true feelings.  

.   God Bless, 

Fr. Larry Young

Pastor of St. Patrick Church